CAL 9900 系列 -200 +1800 °C PID 温度控制器, 48 x 48 (1/16 DIN)mm, 230 V 交流, 2输出

  • RS 库存编号 354-969
  • 制造商零件编号 992.22C
  • 制造商 CAL
COO (Country of Origin): GB

CAL 9900 Temperature Controller

The CAL 9900 series PID temperature controller is a microcontroller based unit for precise control with easy installation, suitable for support both heating and cooling applications. PID controllers offer proportional control over basic on/off controls allowing for a far more versatile and application friendly process control.

The 9900 series from CAL offer push to tune as well as auto tuning algorithms for fast accurate set up with the ability to tune all five control parameters automatically. The auto tune function within the controller allows the unit to tune during warm up. Alternatively, the Push-to-Tune function within the controller allows for tuning in more difficult applications. This allows tuning to be achieved even when the thermal conditions are substantially different.

Built in standard 1/16 DIN size, the 9900 series PID controllers are easy to mount in any DIN system and are suitable for use with DIN adapters to fit 1/8 and 1/4 DIN units. Along with its industry standard dimensions, the 9900 series are all IP54 rated suitable for use in areas with average levels of dust as well as being protected from water spray from any direction.

The four large control buttons teamed with the units large LED display make for an easy to use, easy to install and easy to commission unit offering reliability as well as easy in almost any application.

• 1/16 DIN (48 x 48mm) unit for easy installation
• Application versatility with heat-cool strategy
• Auto-tune or Push-to-tune at setpoint
• 5A output relay on main control output
• Dual output versions can plug into 11-pin base

992.22C 具有两路 SSD 输出,并使用 230 V 交流电源。

CAL 温度控制器

属性 数值
输出类型 SSD
电源电压 230 V 交流
尺寸 48 x 48 (1/16 DIN)mm
输出数目 2
温度范围 -200 +1800 °C
显示器类型 LED
IP 防护等级 IP54
范围 CAL 9900
系列 9900
面板深度 115mm
1 现货库存,可于5工作日发货。网上下单,免运费。
单价(不含税) 个
RMB 3,016.63
RMB 3,408.79
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