CAL MAXVU16 系列 PID 温度控制器, 48 x 48mm, 110 240 V 交流, 3输出

  • RS 库存编号 877-2065
  • 制造商零件编号 MV160MRRR021U0
  • 制造商 CAL
COO (Country of Origin): GB

CAL MAXVU Temperature Controller 1/16 DIN

The MAXVU temperature controller from CAL is designed to offer essential temperature control in an easy-to-install device that is fast to program with improved display visibility.
MAXVU provides an affordable solution for applications where primary temperature control functions such as heat only or heat/cool are needed, it offers a universal input and up to 3 outputs with a choice of either relay or SSR.
Typical applications include packaging processes such as sealers and many more.

• High visibility 18mm display (10.2mm lower display)
• Wide viewing angle
• Good performance in sunlight
• Quick set-up menu with top 10 configuration parameters
• Thermocouple, PT100 or linear DC sensor input
• Up to 3 outputs, relay or SSR
• 2 process alarms- high/low, deviation or band
• 3 button operation
• 2 x 4 digit display & 3 output status LEDs
• Front panel configuration or PC configuration software
• User can set-up in 60 seconds
• RS485 Modbus RTU communications

CAL 温度控制器

属性 数值
输出类型 继电器
电源电压 110 240 V 交流
尺寸 48 x 48mm
输入数目 1
输出数目 3
最低工作温度 0°C
最高工作温度 +55°C
显示器类型 4 位
IP 防护等级 IP20, IP65
输入类型 PT100,热电偶 (J/K/C/R/S/T/B/L/N),通用输入
系列 MAXVU16
面板深度 67mm
安装类型 1/16 DIN
单价(不含税) 个
RMB 1,317.55
RMB 1,488.83
Per unit
1 +