PULS 冗余模块, 使用于Y 系列

  • RS 库存编号 627-6253
  • 制造商零件编号 YR2.DIODE
  • 制造商 PULS
COO (Country of Origin): CZ

YR2.DIODE DC12-48 V, 20 A, Dual Redundancy Module

Dual diode redundancy module for building 1+1 and N +1 redundant power supply systems. It has two input channels which can be connected to 10 A power supplies and one output which can carry nominal currents up to 20 A. The YR2.DIODE is an excellent choice for use in a redundant system if the power supply is equipped with a DC-OK signal.

Features and Benefits

• Two 10 A inputs, one output (20A max.)
• Only 0.85 V voltage drop between input and output under full load
• Full output current between -40 °C and 60°C
• Quick connect spring-clamp terminals
• Reverse polarity protected input
• DC 12 V to 48 V, 20A output
• DC 12 V dc to 48 V dc (±25%) input
• Size: 32 x 124 x 102 mm (W x H x D)
• Weight 290 g

Product Application Information

A possible application for the diode is to use it to isolate sensitive load circuits with or without alarm signals. This avoids distortion of the power quality which can cause controller failures.



属性 数值
附件类型 冗余模块
使用于 Y 系列
单价(不含税) 个
RMB 592.26
RMB 669.25
Per unit
1 +